As a small business, we always look for new options to showcase our products. We usually post on Facebook and Instagram, but this time, motivated by many success stories of other businesses, we decided to open our own TikTok account (which seemed scary, as it was completely new to us!).

We were reading many blogs and watched loads of videos on how to do TikTok right, as we knew that the success won’t happen overnight. This is where we were wrong, though.

We posted our first Apple Watch Check TikTok on Tuesday evening, and a couple of hours later it had 23k views! We were shocked and so happy about it! We woke up the next morning to find 238k views on the same video and loads of new orders on our store. We couldn’t believe our eyes.


😮😮 Apple Watch Check!! ##applewatch ##fyp ##apple ##watchbands ##applewatchtipps ##iphonetricks ##foryoupage ##foryou

♬ original sound - HR🤩

We started dreaming with our team about getting 1m views (which seemed so far from reality at that time) and you know what? We did it too! Today our video has 1.7m views, 76.6k likes and our profile gained more than 1.2k followers only in three days!

iwearlab- how we went viral on TikTok2021 - blogpost   iwearlab - blog - how we went viral on TikTok 2021

If we did it, you can too! With this story, we want to inspire all of our customers and all the businesses out there, to always try new things, especially those that scare you the most. Success can come overnight, if you try enough! And we will keep trying!