The Apple Watch is one of the most advanced wearables out there. Every Apple Watch owner would say that one of the greatest perks of this gadget is tailoring its appearance to one’s needs and personality. Apple Watch Band is the main way to such personalisation, allowing to switch up the day-to-day looks. With a non-ending options available, however, it may get difficult to choose the one that is durable, comfortable and stylish at the same time. Therefore, iWearLab is here to help you. Read this blog to find the best Apple Watch Bands for Men in 2021 that you can buy straight away!

Silicone Sport Band with iWatch Screen Case

Silicone Sport Band is a great option for those men looking for comfort and seamless movement 24/7. This band is great while working out, as it is 100% water resistant, and the screen case ensures the complete protection from daily tear and wear. Silicone Strap comes in various colours to make sure everyone can style it easily.

Luxury Genuine Leather Apple Watch Band

There isn’t a classier choice than this. Genuine Leather Apple Watch Band is what should be found at every man’s closet. The strap can be easily styled with everything, whether it is a daily outfit to the office, or the fancy one for the wedding, date or birthday. Genuine leather ensures maximum comfort, and the adjustable clasp provides the perfect fit.

Stainless Steel Link Band with Butterfly Clasp

This Premium Apple Watch Link Band is the perfect choice for all the men out there who love modernness, sleek designs and top quality. Our Stainless-Steel Strap wraps fluidly around the wrist giving the best comfort, and innovative Butterfly clasp ensures that the band is easily secured. The strap comes in Gold, Black, Silver and Rose Gold colours.

Premium Stainless Steel Apple Watch Strap

This Apple Watch Strap is a classy and timeless choice for luxury lovers, and those passionate about the classic designs of “Rolex”. Band is made of high-quality stainless steel that stays shiny even after few years of wearing it. It looks stylish when combined with every outfit and is perfect for the daily use. You can choose between many colours including Black, Silver, Blue, Gold and many more.


Classy and Luxurious Stainless Steel Apple Watch Band

Finally, our newest addition to the Apple Watch Bands for men. Another band with a “Rolex” touch to it, but this time more elevated and luxurious. It is perfect for big occasions as well as for every-day wear, and it comes in various beautiful colour combinations. You can easily adjust the size of a band with a special tool that comes with it.