We've picked best Apple Watch bands for an upgrade of your smartwatch to stylish yet practical look. There are many different styles of Apple Watch armbands to choose from - over the years we have tested hundreds of straps to know the key factors needed for a comfortable and fashionable band. The main thing you need to know is the size. There are 2 categories that our bands come into: smaller size - 38mm, 40mm and 41mm and bigger size: 42mm, 44mm, 45mm and 49mm. All of our smartwatch bands are designed to fit any Apple Watch series, including newest 8 and Ultra. To suit the preferences of our customers, we chose 6 of our best-sellers in 2023. Check it out:

Aurora Apple Watch Band

Keeping it simple yet chic, Aurora Apple Watch band is the perfect choice. It's unique design and simplicity is good for everyday wear. There are plenty of colours to choose from, including silver (like pictured), silver-gold, silver-rose gold, silver-black, gold, rose gold and black. It's made from durable stainless-steel, which will last for a long time ahead.

Joni Apple Watch Band

Double row of chain intertwined with leather - for the best look of Joni Apple Watch band, we would highly recommend to style it with a silicone case. You simply slip it on your wrist and it already makes your smartwatch looking like a luxury watch. Once it's on, you can even forget about it as it's lightweight and designed for everyday activities.

Mila Apple Watch Band

Mila Apple Watch band is about keeping things simple - it's made from smooth stainless steel mesh, yet it's sweat-resistant and dirt proof. It is fully magnetic so you can easily adjust it without any tools. The use of a physical vapor deposition layer means it has an extra distinctive finish too.

Athene Apple Watch Band

Our newest addition to the family - Athene Apple Watch armband promises a secure fit for a good price. Where some may not be keen on more heavy look, it's the unisex option - designed both for women and men. Easily adjustable with a tool that we add with all the orders or any pin you can find at home.

Rico Apple Watch Band

This Apple Watch armband is perfect for anyone that wants to match a smartwatch to their evening wear outfit. It works as jewellery in it's own right and there's 4 main colours to choose from: gold, silver, black and rose gold. Of the key things to mention - even though it's a chain band, it's not heavy at all and is super comfortable. So, do you already have in mind the outfit you gonna style it with?

Noele Apple Watch Band

This Apple Watch stainless steel band is built for both - it looks stunning and will be long-lasting. Everything about this armband feels classy, with the option to switch the links by yourself and adjust it to your wrist's size. Fancy changing your smartwatch look? Add a matching colour bumper and make it pop! You can check out the Apple Watch cases here: https://www.iwearlab.com/collections/apple-watch-cases