Every Apple Watch comes with a band but you may be looking to elevate the style of it and upgrade to something else. Whether you're looking for functional, comfortable or just something eye-catching, there's many options to choose from. We've rounded 4 of our best-sellers that men usually chooses. Scroll to see our picks.

Anne Premium Apple Watch Band

Our best-seller for the past year, Anne Premium Apple Watch band is the perfect choice for men and women. Usually men chooses silver or black colour whilst women goes for gold or two toned - silver/gold or silver/rose gold. The key aspect is that this armband is resizable manually with a tool that we add with every single order of ours. To help you understand the process, you can check out our help guide videos.

Mila Apple Watch Band

Fully magnetic Milanese Loop Apple Watch band is the classic choice for everyday wear. Hundreds of our customers love it as it's easy to take the strap on and off. Made of high quality stainless-steel will ensure that it will be long-lasting. Not to mention, that it's lightweight and waterproof. What can be better?

Athene Apple Watch Band

For someone that is looking for more of a chunkier look - Athene Apple Watch armband is a great choice. It has an elegant and classy look that should earn you a few admirers. The best part is that no matter which Apple Watch you've got, we got you covered - it is compatible with every single model, including the newest series 8 and Ultra.

Flor Apple Watch Band

Simplicity is the key, right? Elegant and durable pinnacle of metal links - that's our lightweight stainless steel Flor Apple Watch band for both men and women. It's a perfect choice for Apple Watch Ultra owners as it matches perfectly with a rugged and industrial design and the colour itself. It secures to a wrist with a magnetic clasp that can be released by pressing two buttons — one on each side of the band. 

Have you found the one you've liked? There's plenty more to look at if these didn't catch your eye, you can see it here.