Mother’s Day is the special occasion to show your Mom how much you love her and appreciate all that she has done for you and everyone else in her life. This is the day when we stop for a moment ant thank all Mothers for the sleepless nights trying to put us to bed, for all the lunches and dinners they made us, and for every encouraging word we received from them.  

But really, how can you properly say "thank you" to the woman who gave you the gift of life? Start with one of these Apple Watch Band gift ideas for Mother's Day to surprise and delight your Mom on her special day.

This list is perfect of different kinds of moms: the practical ones looking for comfort, moms valuing timelessness, the fashionistas loving to dress up, or the classy ones, looking for subtle designs – we have products that will suit them all! All of these Apple Watch Bands can also work perfectly for grandmas, mothers-in-law, aunts, stepmoms or godmothers. Take a look at our top 5 Apple Watch Bands for the Mother’s Day!

Honeycomb Apple Watch Strap

This band is perfect for all the moms-fashionistas out there. Coming in Rose Gold, Black, Silver and Gold colours, this Apple Watch Hexagon Band will perfectly dress up every outfit and catch everyone’s attention. Shiny colours look fancy, yet elegant making this Watch Strap the perfect feminine statement piece. Additionally, this band comes together with a little tool to help your Mom resize the strap if needed, which is super convenient!


iWatch Stainless Steel Link Band

This Premium Apple Watch Link Band is the perfect choice for all the Moms that love modernness, sleek designs and top quality. Our Stainless-Steel Strap wraps fluidly around the wrist giving the best comfort, and innovative Butterfly clasp ensures that the band is easily secured. This band goes perfectly with minimalistic looks and is perfect for everyday wear! Stainless Steel Band comes in Gold, Rose Gold, Black and Silver Colours.

Apple Watch Chain Strap With Resin

Another Apple Watch Band for fashion lovers! This Stainless-Steel Chain Strap with Resin is perfect for both, everyday wear and special occasions. Wide variety of colours ensures that the band will go with every possible outfit and will bring your Mom many compliments! You can choose between gold, rose gold or silver band colours and mix these with either brown, yellow or pink resin bits. The band is compatible with all Apple Watch Models, including Apple Watch 3, 4, 5, 6 or SE.

Stainless Steel “Rolex” Type Band With Case

Apple Watch Band and Watch Case 2in1 – a wonderful choice for busy, practical and stylish Moms! “Rolex” type Apple Watch Band is super easy to style, as it goes with every outfit. It looks nicely with everything – whether it is a sporty tracksuit or a fancy dress. Even better, this Stainless-Steel Strap comes together with a lovely bumper cover that protects the Apple Watch from scratches, dust and any other harm!

iWatch Double Chain Band

And finally, our timeless classic choice – Stainless Steel Double Row Chain Strap. Forever fashionable and beautiful, this Apple Watch Band is perfect for special occasions. Unique design will make your Mom stand out from the crowd and will bring her many compliments. Shiny black, gold, silver and rose gold colours are timeless and easy to style, so your Mom will not have to worry about buying any more bands. A must-have in everyone’s garderobe!