Here at iWearLab we see Apple Watch not only as a technical gadget, but also as a fashion accessory. With endless choice of various bands, Apple Watch can become a perfect piece of jewellery, which, if styled well, can dress up your outfit and bring you many compliments. Check out these 5 fashion trends of 2021 Spring/Summer season that will help you style your Apple Watch Bands.


Famous fashion houses like Chloe or Prada have included minimalistic looks to their collections, inspired by 1990s. Designers outline timeless styles that will always be relevant and should find a place in everyone’s wardrobe. Minimalism is not only a fashion trend, but also a way to happier life. It is said that minimalism can help you find freedom from fear, anxiety, worry and consumerism – real freedom and everlasting happiness. For those loving minimalistic style, our Milanese Loop Apple Watch Band is the perfect choice. It can be simply styled with light tones and smooth shapes. Made from high-quality stainless steel it will become your best accessory for life, and you won’t have to worry about buying more.



For trend lovers who are not charmed by minimalism, designers have prepared something opposite. Candy is at the head of the pack of this season’s trends. Sugary candy tones from cherry to raspberry bring some rose-tinted energy to summer. Fashion stylists encourage styling many shades of pink to one outfit, combining candy jackets, jewellery and accessories together. We have prepared to you a lovely pastel pink Resin Apple Watch Band that will help you finish-up your candy look.

Athleisure Emphasis

Retailers build on the at-home fitness boom amid the pandemic, with activewear interwoven into emerging lifestyles, such as lounge-focused or a future commuter. Today it is all about staying comfy and convenient, and assuring the seamless movement. For those looking for comfort we have prepared the perfect Silicone Apple Watch Sport Band. Strap wraps fluidly around the wrist and is perfect for working out or simply for daily wear. It can be easily styled with tracksuits, biker-short outfits or any other sporty looks. Silicone Strap comes in various colours to make sure everyone can style it easily.


Chunky Chain

The popular thick-and-heavy style has made way for a lot of chunky chain necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and more to come back into the spotlight, adding another staple to your favourite jewellery collection. We love this trend, so we adapted it for our beloved customers and created the amazing Stainless Steel One Chain Apple Watch Band. You can style this Chain Strap with literally everything you have in your wardrobe - white shirt or satin to create a minimalistic yet luxurious look, bright-coloured pieces for a playful vibe, or leather jacket for a punk feeling. Whatever you wear, we are 100% you’ll look amazing with our Apple Watch Chain Strap.


Monochrome Magic

In a world with no simple answers or even straightforward questions, designers showed a predilection for black and white – most often, together. This trend is perfect for elegance lovers, and so we present our most elegant and classy design – Genuine Leather Apple Watch Band. It is probably the easiest one to style, as it goes with every possible outfit you can think of. Yet, if you want to stay trendy this season, we suggest you style it with monochrome black & white outfits, like black leather trousers and black shirt, check dress or any other pieces that you love!