This year's 2022 superb smartwatch - Apple Watch 8. It's a multipurpose wearable with excellent health and fitness tools. To comparison with an updated Apple Watch SE, it has more advanced features that could make it worth update from older versions of an Apple Watch. The Apple Watch Series 8 comes in larger 41MM and 45MM sizes, which was introduced with Apple Watch 7. Also, it has Apple's ultra wide band - this tracks your location and it's easy to discover if lost within Find My app.
Apple Watch Series 8 comes in aluminum and stainless steel. It is an easy way to style your newest smartwatch with our luxury bands. Here are few of our picks that we think you would love:
All of our metal Apple Watch bands come in gold, rose gold, silver and black colours. To check out more than 30+ different straps for your newest Apple Watch 8 - click here.