In April 2021 Apple presented its long awaited AirTag. It was designed to be attached to anything that you may want to track using Bluetooth in the Find My App. Bluetooth trackers can help you find lost or misplaced items, whether they’re near or far. You probably already have some ideas of how best to use the AirTag, but here are a few more that you might not have thought of.

Attach an AirTag to your keys

This is the most common use for an AirTag. If you find yourself constantly losing car or home keys, attaching an AirTag to them may save you loads of time in the future. Take a look at these cool keychains that will allow you to attach the AirTag to your keys in seconds.

Leave an AirTag in your car

If, like us, you struggle finding your car in the parking lot, AirTags are here to help you. Place one in your car and you will locate it in seconds. The Find My App will give you a map with a rough idea of where your car is.

Track a thief with an AirTag

Use your AirTag on something valuable. Placing AirTag in your car or in your handbag will allow you to track whether it was stolen and will give the location information. Keep in mind, however, that when AirTags are away from their owners for three days, they start emitting a sound. This will alert any thieves, who will most probably destroy the AirTag, which means that you have a limited window of opportunity there. You should give any information you have to the police during this period.

Pop an AirTag in your wallet

Similar to home or car keys, place an AirTag in your wallet to find it in quickly next time. It will save you loads of time when leaving the house!

Use AirTag when hiding something

If you have ever hidden anything and forgot where you placed it, an AirTag may be a great option for you. Hiding things in a plain sight is usually the best option, however, sometimes we need to throw something into a box or some drawer. Just make sure that the item you have hidden does not go out of range of your iPhone.