Apple Watch is a serious investment when in comes to choosing a smartwatch. Just like with your smartphone, it pays off in the long run to add a case. Most of those are inexpensive and adds a touch to your Apple Watch's look. You can choose from full screen protection or only the sides covering the smartwatch. However, both of these options allow you to fully use and charge your Apple Watch without removing it. Whether you're looking for a protection or to change your watch's look, check out top 5 Apple Watch cases.

Silicone Apple Watch Face Bumper

This subtle case is a second skin for your Apple Watch, offering a look of a Rolex watch. It offers extra protection thanks to a slightly raised bevel, without adding much in the way of bulk thanks to the case’s super slim fit. Made from TPU plastic that resists dirt and stains.

Silicone Apple Watch Face Cover

Lightweight yet durable silicone Apple Watch fully covering case is designed to protect it from the water and sweat. While it's not meant for deep waterproofing, it's more for a casual wear and it assures it won't fog up during the day. It is suitable for all of the series, including newest 8 for all of the face sizes - 38mm, 40mm, 41mm, 42mm, 44mm, 45mm and 49mm.

Silicone Apple Watch Face Cover With Crystals

This one is for someone that wants completely to change their Apple Watch's look and make it shine bright! The cover is designed to offer external surface protection to your Apple watch without compromising usability. This case available in 9 colours: black, silver, gold, rose gold, space grey, red, blue, pink, and transparent. If you would like to go a little more extra, here's a link for a case with two rows of rhinestones:

Aluminium Apple Watch Bumper

If you're looking for a slim and stylish Apple Watch case that won't add bulk to your smartwatch, the aluminium one is an excellent choice. It has a minimalistic design that complements the sleek and modern look of the Apple Watch. It is an essential accessory that can protect your Apple Watch from damage and keep it looking new and stylish for longer time.


Apple Watch Screen Protective Film

And last but not least - Apple Watch's screen protector in a film. It is made of flexible and durable TPU material that can absorb impacts and prevent scratches. It also has has a self-healing technology that can repair minor scratches and dings over time.