The Apple Watch is without any doubts the most desired wearable device on the market. Not only that it provides the user-friendly interface, but also motivates healthy lifestyles of many by tracking fitness activity, heart rate or blood oxygen level. It allows users to stay connected by syncing with the smartphone and computer, making the watch even more wanted!

So similarly to millions of iPhone cases, custom Apple Watch bands took off in a big way. At iWearLab we see bands as fashion jewelries and accessories, and we create these to help you to express your personal style. You can swap them according to the kind of activity or occasion you’re taking part in. From a minimalistic design to luxurious look, whatever you need - we got you covered. So, check out these top 5 stylish Apple Watch Bands for women that you can find at iWearLab!

Apple Watch Milanese Loop Band

Because of its sleek design, the Milanese Loop Band is the perfect choice for minimalists and those looking for a band to wear daily. Adjustable band contains a magnetic clasp to ensure the perfect fit for everyone. Created to go with every outfit – from a classy and elegant, to sporty and casual one.


Apple Watch Double Chain Band with Leather

This double row chain band with leather is one of the best and most stylish accessories that can add a layer of richness and sophistication to your personality. This Apple Watch is made from high-quality stainless steel and genuine leather and is perfect gift for her. Unique design that comes in various colour combinations will bring you many compliments every day.


Shiny Apple Watch Bracelet with Rhinestones

Stand out from the crowd with this statement stainless-steel band. This band could easily be mistaken for a glamorous piece of real jewellery. Studded with glamorous rhinestones, this gorgeous, shiny accessory brings a touch of class to your wrist while being durable, waterproof and amazingly secure at the same time. Perfect for big occasions.


Apple Watch Double Row Chain Strap

This stainless-steel band is one of our most popular products. Made of high-quality stainless steel, this band comes in rose gold, silver, black and gold colors. This is one of the classy designs that are perfect for every-day wear, because it doesn’t wash out, is sturdy and durable! Adjusting the size of the band is super easy and no tool is needed. This fashionable double row chain strap will dress up your outfit and you will be ready to go!


Classy & Luxurious Stainless Steel Apple Watch Band

Finally, our newest addition to the iWearLab family – stainless steel Apple Watch Band. This is one of our most luxurious yet classy designs that have a “Rolex” touch to it. It is perfect for big occasions as well as for every-day wear, and it comes in various beautiful color combinations. You can easily adjust the size of a band with a special tool that comes with it.