Summertime requires a lot of time planning your outfits for many many occasions. You might be wondering what to buy for 2022 season. Lucky you! We are sharing 4 outfits for your upcoming event and accessories that you can get on our store.

It is not a secret that the green is the colour of 2022. It sparks some serious joy into the summer. When styling it, we would recommend on sticking with black or white pieces that do not compete. And what is the better way than choosing an iPhone case and your Watches' band to accessorise your outfit? (Tap on the bolded words to see more of the product)

We are seriously in love with pearls and gold combination! It is so simply to style your outfit by simply adding the bag or accessories to look chic! Our best-seller Apple Watch band in gold colour makes it even more special. And when it comes to your iPhone - give it some love and make it look as your best accessory ever! Simple, black colour, matte finish and not 1 but 2 straps of pearls - that's what made us fall in love with this phone cover.

Silver prominence has slowly accelerated over few seasons. It is exceptionally modern vibe especially when you style with royal blue (one more of 2022 colours). It is very tricky to accessorise such a bright colour - a tip would be: don't mix it with other bright colours. Silver beading iPhone case and many chains Apple Watch band is our picks for this exceptional image.

And last but not least, beige tones and animal print combination. Who doesn't love simple outfit with a "pop" of an accessory? There's no need to buy another whole outfit - you can choose to treat your Apple Watch and make it special with this cow print band