As you may already know, most of our Apple Watch Bands are resizable. And although the process is quick & easy, it may seem difficult at the first sight. That’s why we decided to write this blog and possibly help you with this little task!

We have two kinds of resizable bands: Double Row Chain Band and all the Link Bands. The resizing process for both is slightly different.

Double Row Apple Watch Band

This band is one of the quickest to resize, as no tool is needed for it. The band has four links, placed in the middle, three of which you can remove. First, try to think how many links you would like to take off and start with the one on the side. Just open the clasp with your fingers and take it off. Repeat the process until the band fits your wrist. Then connect both sides of a band and push the clasp until you hear the click. Put the band on your Apple Watch & enjoy!

Here is resizing video for easier instructions:

How to Resize the Double Row Chain Apple Watch Band

All Link Bands

In order to resize any link band, you will need a little tool, like a pin or a needle. For some bands we include the special tool, however it is not necessary at all as resizing is super easy! Similar to the Double Row Band, you first need to measure the number of links that need to be taken out. Once this is done, follow the arrows at the back of a band and push little pins to that direction. Take as many links as you need and connect the rest bits together by inserting the pins to empty holes.

Here is a video to help you resize your Link Apple Watch Band:

How to Resize any Link Apple Watch Band

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to email us on or drop us a message on Facebook or Instagram!