Hey there! The first month of the 2022 has almost passed and we are so excited to see what this year will bring us! January is a great month to think about all those resolutions we wrote at the end of 2021 and to finally take them seriously! We bet you told yourself to wake up earlier, eat healthier, workout a bit harder? That’s great! We told this ourselves too;) And what can be better than doing all these things in style? Boost your confidence with these stylish Apple Watch Bands that are great for working out!

Stylish, lightweight and super comfy, this is what we were looking for while creating this strap. Unisex design, high quality nylon and perfect fit is all you need while working out! Even better - feel free to put it in the washing machine;)

Classic design of this budget-friendly silicone Apple Watch Band is perfect for working out. It wraps fluidly around your wrist giving the best comfort. Comes with a protective case and in so many colours!

This is a newer design of our original Nylon Apple Watch Strap. Cool stripes of this Apple Watch Band make it even more stylish! Comes in so many colours and are great for men and women.

Our newest Silicone Apple Watch design is even more protective and even more comfy! Comes with an Apple Watch Face Cover to ensure maximum protection. Comes in 5 colours and is great for both, men and women!