If you're an Apple Watch owner and you don't leave your house without it - you know that it has useful features. If you're new or not to Apple Watch family, here's some of the best tricks to use:
1. Mute your notifications - open a Watch app on your iPhone, go to the notifications, under the "Mirror my iPhone" toggle off apps you don't want to receive notifications from.
2. Take a screenshot - just, fyi, the photo goes straight into your iPhone library. To enable it - go to Watch app on your iPhone, go to the General and turn on Enable Screenshots toggle.
3. Restart your Apple Watch - if it is unresponsive, press and hold Digital Crown and the side button together till you see Apple logo.
4. Use your Apple Watch as a camera remote - open a Camera Remote app on your watch, it automatically launches Camera App on your iPhone and you're ready to go - tap the shutter button to take new snaps.
5. Answer or decline the call - if you have left your iPhone in other room and too lazy to go answer a call, do it from your watch. Don't want to answer it? Double click and send it to the voicemail.
6. Apple Pay - add your card onto the Apple Watch and start paying for your groceries with your wrist.
7. Theater Mode - keeps your Apple Watch from glowing in the dark. It also silences your watch from ringing.
8. Alarm clock - you can use it as a one time, weekdays or recurring daily alarms (same as on your phone). Great part is - the sound is much gentler and if you are sleeping with your watch on, it also buzzes.
9. Turn on a fall detection - go to Watch app on your iPhone, tap Emergency SOS and turn on Fall Detection toggle. If a hard fall is detected by an Apple Watch, it can be a life-saver for anybody by just one click.
10. Water lock - if you own Apple Watch Series 2 or later, you can lock your your screen to prevent it from being flooded by water.
Images: Apple