There is 2 type of people who has an iPhone - the ones that wears it without the screen protection and a case and the other ones - buys a case prior buying the iPhone itself. Which one are you? If you're looking for cute design and extra protection for your phone - you're at the right place! It can be overwhelming when searching for "that" phone case cover. However, we have tested numerous of iPhone cases and have picked 6 that you might like. Check it out!
If you're looking for something different and bold - this iPhone case has you covered. Textured quilted look invites you to feel the luxury. It's also lightweight and shock-proof which is the best advantage! It comes in bright colours such as green like pictured, bright blue, wine red and auburn.
This cover has a clear back that show off the colour of your iPhone and it's perfect as an accessory detail as it has 2 straps of pearls. This artful phone case is not gonna be a regular piece in your collection. Pearls have lived through centuries and we couldn't have asked for the better comeback. If you're looking for some colour - we have the same iPhone case in black matte!
The amber leopard printed style of this bundle - iPhone and AirPods cover, is both classic and very much in style. This phone cover is ultra clean, edgy, elegant yet functional. Best value, durability and design!
This iPhone case has been our best-seller for a long time now. Honestly, who can resist to the black & gold mix? It adds luxuriness to the style and delicate yet chic design will enhance your style from everyday use to evening outs.
The pop of colour is always a great idea but what about the rainbow coloured iPhone case? A swirl of colours will add a splash to your style. In the centre of the clear case is a statement five links cuban chain strap, which is both decorative and practical.
And the last but not least, this lens protection iPhone case cover that makes sure you have extra protection for your camera. It provides not only great protection but the quality is consistent. Giving it 5 stars, customer said "The best tough design iPhone cover".
There's more of iPhone covers to check out - it's all on our website!